Saturday, April 20, 2013

Indianapolis 500 Item of the Day: Ten Greatest, 1954 Style

I’m a sucker for the “Souvenir” editions The Indianapolis News produced to preview the Indianapolis 500 each year.

What I found interesting about this particular issue – which previews the 1954 race and is dated May 29, 1954 – is that it offers a top 10 in 500 history as selected by T.E. “Pop” Myers.

Myers, who served as an executive with the Speedway for a number of years, including vice president and general manager, had died March 13, 1954.

Here’s his top 10:

1.)         Ted Horn

2.)         Wilbur Shaw

3.)         Louis Meyer

4.)         Ralph Hepburn

5.)         Ralph DePalma

6.)         Bill Cummings

7.)         Mauri Rose

8.)         Rex Mays

9.)         Tony Bettenhausen

10.)      Tommy Milton

When the Speedway came up with its “Greatest 33” initiative a few years ago, I came up with a list myself, which included eight of these drivers. I did not include Hepburn or Bettenhausen.

IMS’ “Greatest 33” did not have Horn, Mays or Cummings.

Anyway, I think the list from 1954 reinforces the depth of talent that’s always competed in the Indianapolis 500, and that the names of great drivers from up to a century ago still endure.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indy 500 Item of the Day: Kids Club Stuff

Sean has been a member of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Kids Club since its inception a couple of years ago, making him a charter member, I suppose. This year’s kit arrived earlier this week.

For $25 you get such items as a T-shirt (always useful), a knapsack (ditto), a kid-ential membership card, stickers, activity book and assorted other stuff.

It’s not bad, but there are some other rather obvious items that should be included as well:

·         Autographed picture of favorite driver

·         Autograph book with sharpie (included last year; makes no sense to not have these)

·         A diecast INDY CAR instead of a Hot Wheels Mustang

You can click here for more information.